Wealth Planning

Risk Assessment

A key element in any successful financial plan is assessing the risk tolerance of each investor. Kee, Huchok in collaboration with Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services works closely with all of our investment clients to ensure that your investment portfolio is balanced against your risk tolerance.

Investment Strategies

Kee, Huchok and Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services, Inc. offer investment advisory services with integrated multiple investment disciplines and administrative functions. We provide a single high quality source to meet your investment advisory needs. Our philosophy is one of disciplined planning, flexibility, responsibility and a high level of monitoring for risk and performance.

Insurance Analysis

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance policies? Are they performing as expected? Most people buy insurance policies and store them in a safe place but rarely monitor performance. Because insurance policies contain a number of assumptions and have significant investment components, it is essential to review performance every two to three years. Working with Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services, Inc., Kee, Huchok can help you secure the proper coverage you need. We work with your insurance agent or go through our network of insurance experts to find the most appropriate coverage for you.

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