Management Consulting

Internal Control Review

During an internal control review, Kee, Huchok & Co. analyzes in-place internal controls to determine their operating effectiveness. This analysis gives you reassurance regarding the value of your controls and acts as your guide to increase the effectiveness of existing controls. Another internal control review level is the SAS 70 audit. This audit is used for third-party service providers to demonstrate their commitment to providing reliable quality services.

Computer-Based Accounting

The staff at Kee, Huchok & Co. will assist you in the design and implementation of a computer-based accounting system. We have broad experience with the various systems available and can suggest a number of options that will fit your needs. We emphasize ease of use and efficiency and assist in the conversion of "paper and pencil" accounting to computer-based accounting. We are also happy to help in the conversion from one computer-based system to another.

Business Plans

A business plan is a written statement of your business goals and strategies for achieving them. They contain key background information about the business owners and management. Business plans are often required by lenders before approving the funding for a new enterprise or expansion of an existing business. The staff at Kee, Huchok & Co. will assist in the development of your business plan and provide valuable insight in the areas of income, expenses and cash flow.

Cash Flow Analysis

Every business is concerned with cash flow - the life blood of your organization. During a cash flow analysis, we look at every segment of your business and its effect on your cash flow. The segments include Accounts Receivable (days outstanding), Inventory (turn), Property and Debt Service. Kee, Huchok & Co. recognizes that a profitable business does not guarantee positive cash flow. After we perform a cash flow analysis, ratios and benchmarks are set and monitored to ensure your business segments are in-sync.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Each business has a life cycle - some are in the growth cycle while others are looking to the end. If your business is in growth mode, you may look to acquire a competitor or a supplier to gain market share or increase efficiency. If you are planning to retire or move on to a new venture, you may look to merge or sell your business for cash. The staff at Kee, Huchok & Co. works with clients on both sides of the spectrum and helps you to evaluate the financial and operational costs and benefits of these transactions.

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