Real Estate Investment Services

Cash Flow Analysis

Every business is concerned with cash flow - the life blood of your organization. During a cash flow analysis, we look at every segment of your business and its effect on your cash flow. The segments include Accounts Receivable (days outstanding), Inventory (turn), Property and Debt Service. Kee, Huchok & Co. recognizes that a profitable business does not guarantee positive cash flow. After we perform a cash flow analysis, ratios and benchmarks are set and monitored to ensure your business segments are in-sync.

Tax Planning

Kee, Huchok & Co. takes a proactive approach to tax planning. We utilize tax planning to minimize the tax burden and increase your remaining profit. A tax plan lets you avoid surprises and possibly time transactions to minimize or defer your tax liability.

Tax-Free Exchanges

The tax code allows you to defer the tax liability on the sale of property if the proceeds are reinvested in like property. This is a very beneficial option if you have disposed of property; however, the rules are very specific. Kee, Huchok & Co. will analyze the transaction to determine if this option is beneficial. If so, we will assist in structuring the transaction to comply with the Internal Revenue Service requirements.

Cost Segregation Studies

A cost segregation study breaks out the various components of a building to maximize your depreciation deduction. These can be performed on either newly constructed or recently acquired buildings. Kee, Huchok & Co. performs cost segregation studies to assist in minimizing your tax liability by maximizing the depreciation deduction.

Computer-Based Accounting

The staff at Kee, Huchok & Co. will assist you in the design and implementation of a computer-based accounting system. We have broad experience with the various systems available and can suggest a number of options that will fit your needs. We emphasize ease of use and efficiency and assist in the conversion of "paper and pencil" accounting to computer-based accounting. We are also happy to help in the conversion from one computer-based system to another.

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