Kee, Huchok & Co. Services

Kee, Huchok Wealth Management, LLC was formed to provide financial planning and wealth management services to the clients of Kee, Huchok & Co., Inc. Kee, Huchok Wealth Management, LLC has partnered with a fee only (no commissions paid and no products sold) financial planning company to compliment the financial and tax planning services we provide our clients. Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services, Inc., our new partner, is a leader in the financial planning industry. Pinnacle was featured as one of six Forbes Magazine's Cleveland Financial Profile Firms (Forbes, 2008) and has been recognized for seven consecutive years as one of the Top Wealth Management Firms in the U.S. (Wealth Manager magazine, 2002-2008). Kee, Huchok Wealth Management, LLC is confident our clients will benefit from our collaboration with Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services, Inc.

Please use the following guide to explore specific Kee, Huchok and Co. services: